Guesthouse En (ゲストハウス えん)『いつでも3,500円!連泊割有り!紅葉見頃!!!』

一人旅★二段ベットじゃない! 出会い、触れ合い、交流しよう!
長期滞在もOK! 開放的な大窓カウンターで自分の時間を過ごすもよし!
En cafe営業日(GW~11月上旬)には会津山塩ピザが予約注文できるかも?!


Our rate is 3500yen per night all year around with no seasonal charges! Long term stays are always welcome.(*We offer extended stay discounts. Please contact us for more information. )

Enjoy exploring the beautiful nature of Urabandai while you stay with us at our guesthouse. We are more than happy to accommodate backpackers and solo travelers too. And no, we don’t make you sleep in a bunk bed! 🙂
Staying at our guesthouse brings you great opportunities to meet and interact with other travelers, if you enjoy getting to know with new people! You can also relax and indulge in quite time at our bar counter right by the huge windows.
Try our signature “Aizu Yamashio pizza” when En Cafe is open during May through early November!

Living where you can enjoy the scenery of spring, summer autumn and winter

Bathroom · Dressing room · Smoking area · Kotatsu・Kitchen


自分の時間を過ごしてください~Please spend your time~


【共  有】お風呂・トイレ・洗面所・キッチン・ダイニング・ドライヤー・冷蔵庫・ポット・レンジ・オーブントースター
【販  売/使用料】タオル 100円・歯ブラシ 100円・洗濯機(洗剤込み)200円/回
【レンタル】バスタオル 200円
■送迎あり 要予約(猪苗代駅・裏磐梯内)
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